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There are different kinds of autism which are found in children and Regressive autism is one of them. Though it is said that autism is mostly found in kids but there are many adults who are facing a similar problem.

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dr.alisha Posted: Saturday, July 27, 2013 3:17:36 PM(UTC)
hello nishant,
your child is suffering from congenital heart disease,VSD.It makes a considerable difference whether the size of the VSD is small or large.your child is having large VSD,that is one larger than 1cm is consider large,which may lead to pulmonary hypertension which is nothing but high blood pressure in lungs.The child may have labored breathing, difficulty feeding, grow poorly, and have pallor.she need to undergo surgery to "patch the hole" in the ventricular septum.
your child may not grow as robustly as his peers. The work of increased metabolic demands often requires additional calories when compared to children without such a cardiac defect. High-calorie dense supplements may be added to formula. Some infants may require nighttime continuous feedings using a tube that is passed through the nose to the stomach (nasogastic tube) to maximize growth. It is very rare to restrict fluid volumes in these children.
consult your pediatric cardiologist.
nishant Posted: Saturday, July 27, 2013 1:17:50 PM(UTC)
My daughter is having VSD 3.5mm ,weight at birth was 1.75kgs now she is 6.15kg after eight months.

We have consulted pediatric cardiologist and regular touch with child specialist.Our problem is that she is not consuming milk in any form.[/b]
She hardly takes food.Positive point is that she is quite active.

need a diet chart which is practically possible.We have tried many but are not getting fruitful results specially in case of milk.
As per medical practitioners and everyone VSD would heal automatically but the catch is weight improvement.

Kindly advice !