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A proper nutritious diet is important at all times but gains special significance during pregnancy. A baby that has been well-nourished at the natal stage will be stronger and there will be less health problems later in life. The fetus is totally dependent on the mother for diet and nature has so made it that the baby will fulfill its need even from the mother’s reserves. This has several health ramifications for the mother too.

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Vidhi Parikh Posted: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 5:01:52 PM(UTC)

Back pain is caused due to the strain put on the back by the weight of the growing baby in the womb.

The weight of the baby stretches the muscles of lower back forward and puts pressure on pelvic muscles. The abdominal muscles are stretched, and as they support the spine it can cause pain.

If the pain is severe then, you must consult doctor as it can be due to sciatica.

sciatica, is a rare condition in which inflammation in back causes swelling in sciatic nerve, this is serious issue and need to be treated, so consult your doctor.

For normal back pain you can take care of your postures when you are:


How to take care of postures while doing different activities: you can find from:


When baby stop breathing it is called sleep apnea:

Sleep apnea is disorder in which breathing is disturbed again and again during sleep.

It can be due to many reasons like:

Defects in central nervous system
Bleeding in the brain
Birth defects

You can find more details of sleep apnea from:


But in every pregnancy reasons of miscarriage are different, it requires complete medical check up to find exact reason, and to avoid same situation in future, you must go for medical check up.

Other then these you must eat very healthy diet, do light exercise like walking, and do not take stress, more then 20% pregnancy problems are due to stress so be happy, and have health pregnancy.

Good Luck!!! ThumpUp

shazz Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 9:17:03 PM(UTC)
My back is very sore during pregnancy, during the last pregnancy I had the same problem and within three months of pregnancy the baby stopped breathing. May I know what causes such circumstances and what remedies should be applied for back ache relief.