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Up to age of six years, your child is under most development period. You can teach many good habits and provide excellent knowledge in most intellectual way using learn with play method. When your toddler becomes ready to go for kindergarten, you should prepare her fully that she can not find any trouble in her school.  There are many things you need to teach your baby before sending her to school that is teaching preschool manners to your child is very important. One thing you should teach your preschooler is to enhance her reading ability. You should not think that we don’t need to teach anything to my baby and she will learn automatically when she goes to school. This is wrong thinking and you should provide some fundamental education to your baby that she can build more confidence in her learning at the time when she learns in the school. She can grasp quickly in her school if you have prepared her for learning.

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priyanka desai Posted: Thursday, March 28, 2013 7:30:18 PM(UTC)

Nail biting in kids shows certain emotional issue of child.

It can be due to:


For example: If teacher in the class declares sudden test of any subject, it may create some stress and anxiety in kids, and biting nail is just one natural nervous sign.

Any of the above can be reason of nail biting in your daughter also, just try to find out the exact reason, observe when and under what situations your daughter bites nails, and try to solve the problem.

You can start motivating your child at your level.

Do not scold her for this habit, specially publicly, it may create the situation even worse,

Just talk to her about the side effects of nail biting, explain her why she should stop it.

This is now converted into habit so do not be impulsive in changing this habit, just give sufficient time to your baby, and keep trying to remove any fear or stress from her mind.

Hope these helps you.

afshan Posted: Thursday, March 28, 2013 5:02:51 PM(UTC)
My daughter has habit of nail biting. She is 4.3year old n her younger sister is 1.3yr.I