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Amniotic fluid is the fluid that supports fetus during pregnancy. It is produced after 15 days of conception and helps in movement of the baby inside the womb. In first few weeks mother produces the essential fluid in the form of water. During first trimester amniotic fluid contains some essential components also like fats, carbohydrates and proteins. A baby drinks this essential fluid around for 12 weeks of pregnancy. During increasing pregnancy amniotic fluid level also increases but it starts decreasing slightly during delievery.

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Parenting Nation Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2013 5:27:39 PM(UTC)

You are suffering from preterm PROM i.e. ( premature rupture of the membranes )

Amniotic fluid prevents your baby from many infections cause by germs.

Antibiotics are given to you to protect any infection and steroids will help in proper and quick growth of your baby's lungs.

Preterm PROM can cause to any pregnant lady, and is more risky for women who:

Smoke cigarettes
Take alcohol
Is suffering from blood pressure problems
Conceived twins or multiples

In such case early delivery is sure, and can be done after 34 weeks.

You need to be in continues touch with your doctor and do take all the medications as per her advise.
Awemmah Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2013 11:23:04 AM(UTC)
Hi, I'm 24weeks pregnant going on 25weeks nw. My water broke at 23weeks and I was hospitalised for a week, given steriods and anti biotics. Various tests were done on my urine and blood. Gladly the was no infection. My gynae says the is still some fluids surrounding the baby. Was then discharged. Now I'm at home but at night I leak at times, though its not much at all. Just a lil, baby still kicks more each and everyday, what can I do as I'm home to help me and the baby?