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You are well into the second trimester of your pregnancy duration, in forthcoming days the movement of the baby can be felt, and it brings a lot of happiness into you. Initially you may feel flutter and soon you are going to feel the hiccups and kicks. Soreness in the abdomen increases as your child gets bigger; your breast is slowly getting ready for producing milk for your baby. You may experience changes in mood, headaches, and dizziness at this stage mainly due to continuous pulsing of pregnancy harmones into your system to direct baby growth.

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Parenting Nation Posted: Thursday, January 3, 2013 1:51:37 PM(UTC)

There an be many reasons for lesser movement in the fetal like:

The fetal may actually be active only but would be mother is not able to detect the movement.

The fetal may be sleeping.

Sometimes, decreased fetal movement indicates a serious problems also.

But it need to be diagnosed by proper medical support, so visit your doctor for this problem, and also discuss the other crams as it can be outcome of many reasons.

Expectant mother's emotional state has huge effect on the developing baby and its movement, so if you are going under stress, fetus may react accordingly.

Stay healthy physically and mentally too..take healthy diet and do not take stress, do not get hipper, try to stay calm...As every reaction of mother during this phase has huge impact on her developing baby.

sudharenganathan Posted: Thursday, January 3, 2013 12:57:58 PM(UTC)
Hello experts,
Im having my secong baen i by now. Im in 16th week of pregnency. My age is 31. When i was in 15th week i can feel more baby movements. But in 16th week i feel very very little. and i have back,knee pains...heavyly.basically im a short temper.will it afffects baby and after 16th week is there a chance for any miscarraige?? kindly explain. tku.