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Dhan Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Dhan Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter Bh, Dh and F with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on dhan rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Dhan Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
1 Boy Bhaavik Righteous; pious
2 Boy Bhagyam Luck
3 Boy Bhagyansh Master of luck
4 Boy Bhanu The sun
5 Boy Bharat Lord Rama's Brother
6 Boy Bharath Being maintained
7 Boy Bhargav Lord Shiva
8 Boy Bhargyaraj Lord Of Luck
9 Boy Bhautik Material; Physical; Radiant; Pearl; Another Name
10 Boy Bhav Lord Shiva
11 Boy Bhavamanyu Inventor of the universe
12 Boy Bhavansh feelings, sentiments
13 Boy Bhavanya Meditation, Concentration
14 Boy Bhavay Auspicious; suitable; excellent
15 Boy Bhaveesh Lord of existence, Name of Shiva
16 Boy Bhavik God's devotee
17 Boy Bhavin Winner
18 Boy Bhavish Lord of existence
19 Boy Bhavishaya Future
20 Boy Bhavishya Future
21 Boy Bhavit Impress
22 Boy Bhavith Imagined
23 Boy Bhavroz
24 Boy Bhavya Auspicious; suitable; excellent
25 Boy Bhavye Auspicious; suitable; excellent
26 Boy Bhavyem Auspicious; suitable; excellent
27 Boy Bhavyesh This is another name for Lord Shiva
28 Boy Bhishman Dreadful; terrible
29 Boy Bhoomit Friend of land
30 Boy Bhoumik land owner
31 Boy Bhupender Ruler of rulers; king of kings
32 Boy Bhupesh King
33 Boy Bhuvan Living creature
34 Boy Bhuvik Heaven
35 Boy Dhairy Patience
36 Boy Dhairya Patience
37 Boy Dhairyaa Patience
38 Boy Dhairyash Patience And Success
39 Boy Dhairye Patience
40 Boy Dhaivat A musical node, 6th swara in Swara Saptaka of Indi
41 Boy Dhaiwik By the grace of God
42 Boy Dhakshin South direction
43 Boy Dhan Wealth
44 Boy Dhanajit Wealth
45 Boy Dhananad Pleasure Of Having Wealth
46 Boy Dhananjai winning wealth
47 Boy Dhanesha Lord of prosperity
48 Boy Dhann The blessed one
49 Boy Dhanpal Preserver Of Wealth
50 Boy Dhanraj Lord Kuber
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