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Christian Girls Baby Names

Choose Christian Girls Names from our unique and huge collection of Christian Baby Names. Our categorized list of Christian names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby girl. Also find Christian Baby Girls Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Christian Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderChristian Baby NameMeaning
351 Girl Bethesda House of mercy
352 Girl Betsy Consecrated to god
353 Girl Bettina Consecrated to god
354 Girl Betty Consecrated to god
355 Girl Betula Girl
356 Girl Beulah Married
357 Girl Beverleybeverly by the meadow of beavers
358 Girl Beverly From a Beaver Meadow
359 Girl Bianca White
360 Girl Bilhah who is old or confused.
361 Girl Bina a musical instrument, intelligence
362 Girl Bithiah Daughter of the Lord
363 Girl Blair Dweller of the Plain
364 Girl Blanch French White
365 Girl Blanche White or Fair
366 Girl Blessy Blessing
367 Girl Bliss Literally, Happy Or Joyful
368 Girl Blossom Flower
369 Girl Bluma A flower, bloom
370 Girl Blythe Happy Or Cheerful
371 Girl Bonita Feminine Variant Of Bonaventure
372 Girl Bonna Feminine Variant Of Bonaventure
373 Girl Bonnie Feminine Variant Of Bonaventure
374 Girl Bonny French Good
375 Girl Bracha A blessing
376 Girl Branda Blessing
377 Girl Breeze Light Wind; Carefree
378 Girl Brenda Sword
379 Girl Breonna Just Pretty
380 Girl Briana Noble; Virtuous. The feminine of Brian
381 Girl Briann Strong
382 Girl Brianne Strong
383 Girl Bride Variant Of Bridget
384 Girl Bridget Exalted one
385 Girl Brietta Strong
386 Girl Brigid Variant Of Bridget
387 Girl Brigid;bridget Power and Virtue
388 Girl Brisa Beloved
389 Girl Britney A Form Of Britany
390 Girl Brittany;britney From Britain
391 Girl Brittny A Form Of Britany
392 Girl Bronwenbronwynbronwynn white pure of heart
393 Girl Brooke The Brook
394 Girl Bryanna Strong
395 Girl Bryanne Strong
396 Girl Buffy God’s promise
397 Girl Bunny bringer of victory
398 Girl Cadie A Form Of Kady
399 Girl Cady A Form Of Kady
400 Girl Cadyna A Form Of Cadence
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