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Christian Girls Baby Names

Choose Christian Girls Names from our unique and huge collection of Christian Baby Names. Our categorized list of Christian names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby girl. Also find Christian Baby Girls Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Christian Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderChristian Baby NameMeaning
51 Girl Adina Beautiful, adorned
52 Girl Adine Delicate
53 Girl Adira strong
54 Girl Adna pleasure; delight
55 Girl Adora beloved
56 Girl Adriana Dark.
57 Girl Adriel My shepherd is God
58 Girl Adrielle member of God’s flock
59 Girl Adrien A Form Of Adrienne
60 Girl Adrienne Feminine of Adrian
61 Girl Adrina A Short Form Of Adriana
62 Girl Adyson A Form Of Addison
63 Girl Aena Favor, Grace
64 Girl Agalia joy
65 Girl Agar A stranger, one that fears.
66 Girl Agatha Good
67 Girl Aggie pure
68 Girl Agnes Pure; Gentle
69 Girl Ahava Cherished one
70 Girl Ahlai Beseeching, sorrowing, expecting.
71 Girl Aholibah My tent or my tabernacle in her
72 Girl Aholibamah My tabernacle is exalted.
73 Girl Ahulani a heavenly shrine
74 Girl Ahuzzah Possession, seizing, collecting.
75 Girl Aida Visiting; Returning
76 Girl Aileen Light
77 Girl Aili truthful
78 Girl Ailish Consecrated to god
79 Girl Ailsa Consecrated to god
80 Girl Aimee Beloved
81 Girl Aimie beloved
82 Girl Aindrila Female Star
83 Girl Ainora Sun's glory
84 Girl Ainslee my own meadow
85 Girl Airiana A Form Of Ariana
86 Girl Aizza Life
87 Girl Akiva Protected
88 Girl Alaina Precious; awakening
89 Girl Alana peaceful
90 Girl Alanna Fair
91 Girl Alarice Ruler of All
92 Girl Alatea truth
93 Girl Alayna precious; sun ray
94 Girl Alaynah precious; sun ray
95 Girl Alda Rich
96 Girl Aleen loving good looking
97 Girl Aleesha noble, exalted
98 Girl Aleeza joy
99 Girl Aleice Nobility
100 Girl Alessa Noble
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