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Christian Boys Baby Names

Choose Christian Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Christian Baby Names. Our categorized list of Christian names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Christian Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Christian Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderChristian Baby NameMeaning
301 Boy Alysdair Defender of mankind
302 Boy Alysdare Defender of mankind
303 Boy Alystair Defender of mankind
304 Boy Alyster Defender of mankind
305 Boy Amadeus loves God
306 Boy Amado loves God
307 Boy Amador loves God
308 Boy Amal labor; iniquity
309 Boy Amalek A people that licks up
310 Boy Amancio he who loves God
311 Boy Amariah The Lord says; the integrity of the Lord
312 Boy Amasa Sparing the people.
313 Boy Amasai Strong
314 Boy Amashai The people's gift.
315 Boy Amashi-ali The strength of the Lord
316 Boy Amato loved
317 Boy Amaziah the strength of the Lord.
318 Boy Ambie Immortal
319 Boy Ambrose Greek immortal
320 Boy Amby Immortal
321 Boy Amedeus To love God
322 Boy Amery Industrious
323 Boy Ami my people
324 Boy Amias From Amiens
325 Boy Amiel God of my people
326 Boy Aminadab My people are liberal.
327 Boy Amittai True, fearing.
328 Boy Ammah My; or his; people
329 Boy Ammi My; or his; people
330 Boy Ammi-nadab My people are liberal.
331 Boy Ammiel The people of God.
332 Boy Ammihud People of praise.
333 Boy Ammishaddai The people of the Almighty; the Almighty is with m
334 Boy Ammizabad Dowry of the people.
335 Boy Ammon A people; the son of my people
336 Boy Amnon Faithful and true, tutor.
337 Boy Amok A valley, a depth.
338 Boy Amon faithful; true
339 Boy Amory The loving one
340 Boy Amos Troubled
341 Boy Amoz Strong, robust.
342 Boy Amplias Large, extensive
343 Boy Ampson
344 Boy Amram An exalted people, their sheaves, handfuls of corn
345 Boy Amraphel One that speaks of secrets
346 Boy Amyas From Amiens
347 Boy Amzi strong; mighty
348 Boy Anab A grape, a knot.
349 Boy Anah One who answers; afflicted.
350 Boy Anak A collar, ornament.
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