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Christian Boys Baby Names

Choose Christian Boys Names from our unique and huge collection of Christian Baby Names. Our categorized list of Christian names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby boy. Also find Christian Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Christian Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderChristian Baby NameMeaning
1 Boy Aaren High mountain
2 Boy Aaris mighty in the faith
3 Boy Aariston
4 Boy Aaron Enlightened; to sing
5 Boy Aarron High mountain
6 Boy Ab Father of or is light
7 Boy Abaddon The destroyer
8 Boy Abagtha One of the seven eunuchs in Ahasuerus's court. Fat
9 Boy Abana Made of stone, a building
10 Boy Abarim Passages, passengers
11 Boy Abasalom son of King David
12 Boy Abba father
13 Boy Abbas the Lord is my father
14 Boy Abbot Father
15 Boy Abbott Father
16 Boy Abda servant of God
17 Boy Abdeel A vapor, a cloud of God.
18 Boy Abdi My servant.
19 Boy Abdias God’s servant
20 Boy Abdiel servent of god
21 Boy Abdon Servant; cloud of judgment
22 Boy Abe Father of a multitude
23 Boy Abednego Artist, Bible Ref.:  Daniel 3:19 – 26, survived th
24 Boy Abel Second son of adam and eve
25 Boy Abell Herdsman
26 Boy Abey Father of a multitude
27 Boy Abi my father
28 Boy Abi-albon Most intelligent father
29 Boy Abiah God is my father
30 Boy Abiasaph Consuming father; gathering
31 Boy Abiathar excellent father; father of the remnant.
32 Boy Abidah Father of knowledge
33 Boy Abidan Father of judgment
34 Boy Abie father or mother of many
35 Boy Abiel God my father
36 Boy Abiezer Father of help
37 Boy Abihail The father of strength
38 Boy Abihu he is my father.
39 Boy Abihud Father of praise; confession
40 Boy Abijah The Lord is my father
41 Boy Abijam Father of the sea
42 Boy Abilene The father of mourning
43 Boy Abimael A father sent from God
44 Boy Abimelech Father of the king
45 Boy Abinadab Father of a vow; or of willingness
46 Boy Abinoam Father of beauty
47 Boy Abiram my father is great
48 Boy Abishai The present of my father.
49 Boy Abishalom Father of peace
50 Boy Abishua Father of salvation
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